No stress on Cres

13 Jun

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Nothing is better than to take few days off for simple joys. With my friend Asa we agreed to be a reward for working very hard on EU presidency events ­čÖé

We met in Croatia in a little town Kastav (upon Rijeka) and then drove to harbor to catch a ferry to island of Cres. Great welcome of the island happened when we saw famous eagles on our first stop. We explored the main town Cres, villages Lubenice, Pernat, Valun and discovered a beautiful path from Cres to Merag from times of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Nothing can beat fresh cherries for breakfast, coffee on a cliff, swimming in the sea which just has the right temperature, talking with locals for best beaches and secret places, waking up with birds, listening to this music.

Some helpful info you can find here and for camping we definitely recommend small camp in Valun.


Buda-pest I

1 Feb

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I had a meeting in Budapest. It was great to have some time and walk around and re-discover wonderful old lady. Remembering where we had that wine and a great laugh many years ago. And meeting an old friend and chitchat throughout the afternoon.

Lady, see you in spring!

Just a thought

27 Jan

Snow, where are you?

19 Jan

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In order to rush real, white, freezing winter back, I’m publishing this. Come winter, come as soon as you can! I’m not saying that I like the sun and it’s warmth, but this weather in Slovenia is really messed up at the moment (well, there are many moments like this now, aren’t they?). So, are you at least using public transport and/or your feet already?


17 Jan

This switch on/off love was part of new years decoration in my town – I think it should be there throughout the year. While looking at the photo and thinking about love you can also listen to this song. Enjoy, love life.

Let’s get them

10 Jan

I don’t know if I can express my feelings when I see that the number of plastic bags is getting bigger and bigger. And how people are stupid to use them (did you know that on average you use a plastic bag for 10 min only!!!) and just leave them out into the wild (or a bin, which is exactly the same).

You know it’s so easy not to use them. I know you already have a nice cotton bag in your drawer in which you can put your groceries. And it’s just a matter of attitude to say no, thank you, I don’t need a plastic bag at the counter. Or to put more fruits and vegetables in 1 bag (if you have to).

Please watch this mockumentary here, if you need another push in getting rid of plastic bags.

Let’s get them and make them disappear from our life and environment.

Drawn by the Sun

3 Jan

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This was the present brought to us by good men. Time. Days to spend together. Time to discover. Time to enjoy and just be. Easy going time off. Admiring waves, sand and wind. Here.

What else could I wish for?

I wish you happy and heathy new year with times that you’ll remember!